Kraftwelt at Miami US

17 mayo, 2016 / By

Kraftwelt / Representation in Miami

As a logical step for our growth (in the retail, corporative and investment level), and with 15 years of experience in these fields (USA/ARGENTINA/LATIN AMERICA) accompanying Global Clients such as Wendy’s (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador) and Staples (Argentina and Chile), Kraftwelt has introduced representatives in Miami, USA.

DSC_6311BSuch representation is headed by Architect Matías Henderson in 2001 Biscayne Blvd (unit 2616) Miami, FL 33137. You can contact him at 818.515. 8257. Our plan is to provide services, with proven expertise, in the USA and Latin America from our headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As the American market is requesting, and following KWA’s philosophy, we will focus on offering Architecture based on our strong beliefs regarding design, experimentation and creativity.

From the beginning of the process, we will present our future clients with the best option, considering their budget and their own conceptual ideas regarding inspiration. We will accompany them from the very beginning until the project/construction is finished with the right materials, textures, colors and finishes. KWA